There a three weekly options to choice from and the good news is that they are all FREE

ACTC Members who are also TriNZ Accredited Coaches

ACTC Bronco Personal Best Board

4m 57s Sam Keats M20-24 11-Dec-23 

5m 40s 'Vince Diesel' Sesto  M45-49 05-Jan-24

6m 57s Shane Chubb M50-55 11-Mar-24

7m 10s Kirsty Sesto F40-44 05-Jan-24

7m 20s Wiremu 'Woody' Campbell M55-59 05-Jan-24 

7m 54s ‘IronMike' Stowers M55-59 05-Jan-24

8m 51s Dan Feisst M40-44 05-Jan-24 

All times completed at one of ACTC's quarterly bronco runs at Monday Night Run Squad with Sam Keats.

If we have enough demand for another session we can make it happen...