Auckland Regional Youth Triathlon Academy

The Auckland region has many promising junior athletes and ACT is proud to have been appointed by Tri NZ to direct the Auckland Regional Youth Triathlon Academy (Auckland Regional Triathlon Academy). This Academy provides opportunities for athletes to develop their skills through regular training sessions, seminars and training camps . The Academy also provides coaching support at local and national events. Any athlete aged between 11-19 who resides in the Auckland region can belong to the academy. 

The Auckland Regional Triathlon Academy Coordinator is Nathan Richmond.  If you have any questions about joining the Academy  contact Nathan Richmond.

Megan Dalton also provides technical input and support to the Academy programme.

There are three tiers of athletes in the Academy:

Tier 1 - Primarily aimed at learning skills and having fun, athletes at this level (aged 11-14) compete at Auckland Secondary Schools (AKSS) Triathlon events and local events. These athletes are often termed "youth"

Tier 2 – Performance focussed and primarily aimed at athletes that are aged 14-19 years old; athletes compete in AKSS Tri, New Zealand Secondary Schools (NZSS) Tri, local triathlon events and Future Tri Champs in Taupo. Generally these athletes are termed "juniors"

Tier 3 – Focusing on athletes aspiring to compete at the Junior elite level – these athletes will be invited to sessions tailored specifically for them and encouraged to compete at key events (Oceania’s, National Junior Mixed team relays, and other junior selection events). In addition to training, support will be provided as appropriate and required (eg travel, contact, planning for international events and development).


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