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At Auckland City Tri Club, we know that finding the right coach to help your journey is very much about finding the right fit for you…its all about where you’re at in the journey and finding a good personality fit.

We’re happy to recommend the coaches listed below, they are all club members and Tri NZ accredited coaches.  As club members, they understand the benefits of being part of the team and will be happy to chat to you about your goals. (If you would like to be included in this list, please contact us)

Rob Dallimore BHSc (Pod.)

rob-dallimoreRob has an extensive background in Endurance Sports having competed at a high level, in running, Duathlon, triathlon and Multisport. Rob has competed in 16 Ironman events and has lost count of the number of Half Ironman and shorter distance triathlon races.  He carries a long history in the sport having raced for over 20 years in events of all distances.  He has raced the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and has represented New Zealand at the Age Group Long and Olympic distance World Championships numerous times.  He is a member of the Ironman New Zealand Hall of Fame for his 10 finishes at that event.

Rob has gained coaching certifications from a number of organisations, which include Triathlon New Zealand, Training Peaks and Ironman.

Rob also has a professional background as a Sports Podiatrist so has the added benefit of these skills and a unique understanding of training with a focus on injury prevention and management. He sees the importance of developing the athlete at a rate that their body can cope with and engaging methods to have the body working at its best. Rob sees the importance of having equipment that suits the athlete’s style and ability and he prides himself in his technical knowledge.

Rob adopts a number of different techniques to train his athletes and keep them injury free, such as optimizing training zones, monitoring power, pace and heart rate, strength training, nutrition and adequate rest and recovery.

Rob enjoys helping those athletes who are keen to learn.  He enjoys helping athletes who want to reach that next level in their performance and who are prepared to look beyond ways that they are used to training to achieve this.  Rob likes getting stuck into the analysis of training and race data files and other metrics (Power, Hear Rate, Pace, Heart Rate Variability etc)

Rob has seen much success with his athletes, many of whom have gained podium finishes at Age Group championships over all distances and have also qualified for the Ironman World Championships. Seeing his athletes achieve their goals gives Rob a great sense of pride and it also gives motivation to the other athletes around to continue striving to be their best.

You’ll be hard pushed to find anyone more passionate about endurance sports and coaching athletes than Rob.

Follow Rob’s blog for more information about him and what he does: FootTrafficCoachingBlog

Contact Rob at www.foottrafficcoaching.com

Club members have access to online coaching with the first month free (minimum six month sign up applies)